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Hillside House

St Ann's Road, Great Malvern

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Hillside House is located within easy reach of M5 J7 and M50 J1 or 2.


From the house it is a short walk to Great Malvern town centre, and there are paths leading directly from the garden up the Malvern Hills.

Great Malvern train station is also within walking distance (although its quite an uphill stroll, so you may want to get a taxi if arriving by rail). 

Great Malvern is a beautiful town, with lots of heritage and rich history to be explored. There's even the small Malvern Museum for those who want to learn a little more. 

This postcard from 1915 shows how little the town has changed in 100 years. Hillside House doesn't appear in the first photo, and can just about be seen peeking out from its green surroundings in the second, taken from the top of the Malvern Priory just a few years ago.  It's left of centre, up high.

All the restaurants and attractions of the town really are just a short walk from Hillside House.


A great mix of family-friendly favourites and lovely local independents, you'll find food for every taste. You'll find our top recommendations and reviews in the house Handbook when you arrive!

The Tourist Information Centre is in the centre of town and will provide you with up to date information about everything going on in the local area. 

Malvern is also the perfect place for visitors with some more active pursuits in mind. There are endless trails and paths across the hills for all those who want to get outdoors, whether it be a relaxed dog walk or some serious mountain biking. 

St Ann's Well is a few minutes walk from Hillside House (access to the path directly from the top of the garden), and has a natural flowing spring and a charming cafe.